About Into The Palms

Into The Palms

What's in a name? I probably thought about what I would name my shop as long as I thought about the tattoos on my body. They are both very serious endeavors to me that should have meaning and represent who you are.

Into The Palms.

I took a graduation trip to Mexico with my bestie when we were 18. Tulum before Tulum is what it is today. We drove for miles. Walked through the palms into a clearing with a beautiful restaurant with monkeys just hanging out outside. Monkeys! Then through more palms to a beautiful lagoon with the brightest color fish I had ever seen.

Into The Palms.

I moved to Miami after my first year of law school for an internship. My first taste of real freedom. On the weekends, I walked that palm-lined boardwalk. Read on the beach.

Into The Palms.

In 2012, I was offered a job and asked to relocate to Florida. I flew into Tampa over what seemed to be endless water. Landed in the palms. And decided to move with my family to somewhere that felt like vacation. Every day.

Into The Palms.

Have you ever walked through the path of palm trees and not come out somewhere beautiful? Aren't you intrigued to see what is on the other side? To follow that path ... to something less ordinary?

Into The Palms. Leave the ordinary behind.

Journey to Slow Fashion

Welcome to my labor of love. I have been a lawyer for over 20 years and a mother for 18. This is still who I am (always will be), but this little shop of curated treasures is a gift I am giving to myself. I am acting on my daydream.

Since I was a little girl growing up in a very small town along the Mississippi River, I dreamed of far away places - places where I would search for, and eventually, find myself. As part of that adventure, I have always loved the outward expression of who we are in our souls -put that on your body and show it off; make the space you are inhabiting a place you truly love and share that feeling with others! I want to feel like me. I want you to feel like you. We are beautiful.

I want to feel like me. I want you to feel like you. We are all beautiful.

Promoting Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

At Into the Palms, we hold a deep-seated mission to promote sustainable and ethical fashion. Our commitment lies in curating the very best of threads and baubles to delight and showcase your unique self.

Our collection embodies a bohemian, yet sophisticated island lifestyle – one that reflects a life of beauty, simplicity, and grace while respecting wellness, other humans, and the environment. We believe in the beauty of mindful creation and sustainability, and we weave these principles into every stitch and design.

We invite you to join us on a journey where you can look and feel great, knowing that your fashion choices are aligned with your values and the greater good.

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