We embrace slow fashion. Ethical fashion. A life of beauty, simplicity and grace, while respecting wellness, other humans and the environment.

Sustainable Luxe

  • Pleased to meet you.

    Welcome to my labor of love. I have been a lawyer for over 20 years and a mother for 18. This is still who I am (always will be), but this little shop of curated treasures is a gift I am giving to myself. I am acting on my daydream. Since I was a little girl growing up in a very small town along the Mississippi River, I dreamed of far away places - places where I would search for, and eventually, find myself. As part of that adventure, I have always loved the outward expression of who we are in our souls -put that on your body and show it off; make the space you are inhabiting a place you truly love and share that feeling with others! I want to feel like me. I want you to feel like you. We are beautiful.

  • Our Mission.

    With sand beneath our feet and stars in our pockets, Into the Palms seeks to curate the very best of threads and baubles to delight and showcase your unique self, providing a treasure trove of goods and clothing embodying a bohemian, yet sophisticated island lifestyle - one that reflects a life of beauty, simplicity and grace, while respecting wellness, other humans and the environment. We want you to take the step. Stop waiting.

    Wear the outfit. Put on the jewels. You are the occasion.

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  • Featured Brand: Jen's Pirate Booty

    Jen’s Pirate Booty is a collection of women’s clothing, designed and curated by Jen Rossi in her hometown of Malibu, California. She produces it in 5 countries, all carefully chosen based on the beautiful textiles, specialty materials and local artisan techniques that they have to offer. Her collection embodies all that she is: a sunkissed, free spirited, beachy bohemian gypsetter, with a strong love for family, friends, fashion, good food and good times. Her head turning, goddess-like pieces, have a way of making every woman feel happy, beautiful, strong and confident. We are so delighted to carry JPB!